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monicattz asked: helloooo, brand spankin new follower here! My name's Monica and while I still have coherency lemme just say AHHHH YOUR ART, it's so beautiful I've gotten so inspired looking at your style to make my own better + your blog is top notch <3 ANYWAYS UM, I like red, eruri, makoharu, passionfruit icecream, I have a ginger domestic called Gino and a doggie called Millie. Nice to meet you, keep up the fab work! :')

oh my god sorry this is so late!

okay uhh thanks! i mean wow i’m glad i can inspire you and stuff, haha :)

omg, makoharu is one of my otps too! i haven’t been posting/drawing much of it since the hype died down…i really should get back into it haha. passionfruit sounds like a really interesting flavor? idk maybe i should try it…and your pets sound really cute! :)

it’s nice to meet you too, have a radical day!

oh man i was reaaally hungry today, so when my mom finally came home with some food, i got some and went to heat it up in the microwave. i had to wait like 40 seconds for it to heat up, which is pretty long when you’re starving, and when it was finally done i fucking DROPPED MY DAMN FOOD. I WAS SO UPSET B/C I HAD TO CLEAN IT UP WHICH TOOK LIKE 10 MINUTES AND THEN I HAD TO PREPARE MY FOOD AGAIN FOR ANOTHER LONG POINTLESS 40 SECONDS AND MY STOMACH COULDN’T HANDLE IT;;

i love a good ol’ gay flamboyant jean


breaks down


All true for me.

kingdomhearts-lll answered: eren being frsutrated w/ armin bc hes always right


armin no 


My sexual orientation is girls who look like they could beat me up and boys who look like they wouldn’t stand a chance

flammablenerd asked: hi!! i'm teresa, my favourite colour is probably green or pink+shades of gray??? my favourite ships (in homestuck at least) are rose<3kanaya, kanaya<>karkat and nep<3eq/nep<>eq, i rly love vanilla ice cream for some reason and i have 4 cats named ruffian, penguin, chomp and fungi heheh i have a thing for weird names i guess

hey! oh rosemary is cute! so is the other moirallegiances(they’re so sweet and fluffy aaaa). 

mmm, vanilla is a good flavor, all this talk of ice cream is seriously making me crave some…and your cats’ names are so cute haha

ogirlfriend replied to your post “oh ap lang book, if only i can burn you to ashes”

wow ur so cute!!!

oohhh my god, wow what i did not know you followed me..! seriously though wow this is p cool you’re like a tumblr crush of mine ha

anyways, thanks so much! :’)

motherfey asked: My name is Sabrina. I like purple, red, and pink. I love pistachio ice cream, one of my favorite ships is Eridan x Aradia, and yes, I have a cat. Her name is Gracie.

hey, nice hearing from you again!

oooh, i like pistachio too(i literally like any ice cream that’s green ha). and i looove your cat’s name, it’s so…sophisticated yet cute; idk how to describe it…anyways, thanks for dropping by! :)

oh ap lang book, if only i can burn you to ashes


strangler-fig asked: I'm usually too shy to do things like this, but what's the harm? :P I'm Kristall! My favorite color is orange, I think. That or neon green. My favorite ship is Eruri, or anything else involving Erwin Smith... My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, and I do, in fact, have two cats: Cujo and Mah Jongg, who are Maine Coon/Tabby mixes

/waves frantically

wow hello, another eruri shipper! i really love this ship even though it gets overshadowed a bunch by ereri(great ship, don’t get me wrong, i just like eruri better) and the like…but omg yes thank you for existing

oh my gosh, yesss i love mint chocolate chip too! it’s my absolute favorite. and you also have maine coons(well, mixes)? wow that’s so cool, they’re pretty rad cats.

thanks for dropping by!